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Get back on the course as quickly as you can with Emory Sports Medicine’s Golf Medicine Program. We offer specialized treatment for a wide range of golfer-related injuries, whether you’re a competitive or recreational player. Our doctors help golfers of all ages and abilities in a way that is specific to the game of golf.

Solving the Underlying Issue of your Injury:

During your evaluation, we look for the root cause of your injury. Body mechanics, volume of play, motion, flexibility or strength deficits can all lead to an injury. Understanding your limitation is crucial to a successful recovery, injury prevention and optimal performance.

Once we identify your limitations, we can begin a personalized treatment plan.  We also recommend training strategies and can help identify swing faults when and if appropriate. This will help you understand how your body moves during your golf swing, which can be different for everyone depending on your limitations. In turn, this can keep you healthy and playing better golf.

Why Choose Emory's Golf Medicine Program?

Some doctors will treat golf-related injuries and often focus directly on the injury without understanding the cause.  Oftentimes, the injury will reoccur because the functional movement limitation in the golf swing was not fixed.  At Emory, we will understand your current injury, swing and movement patterns to better help you recover and prevent future injuries. Our Golf Medicine team has also been Titleist Performance Institute Certified and has incorporated and built upon that knowledge to better serve you. That’s why our program includes:

  • Functional Movement Screen for the golfer
  • Ongoing communication with your coach or golf professional
  • Golf-specific warm-ups for your level
  • Continuing education about golf-specific treatment plans

Community Golf Talks

We love getting out in the community and discussing golf medicine! Please be on the lookout to see where we are talking next in person or virtually on zoom. Please join our email list (, and follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @emorygolfmed. If you are a golf club, coach, PGA professional, or center and would be interested to have us come talk for free, please reach out to us and email
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