Soccer Medicine Program

Serviced Offered by Emory Sports Medicine Center

Pre-Participation Physicals

The pre-participation physical is utilized to identify any medical conditions that put the soccer player at risk. A comprehensive physical examination along with the player’s medial history is screened for potential risk factors.

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Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement in soccer comes from multiple sources in soccer. Injury prevention will keep players healthy and practicing. Nutrition can elevate energy, recovery, and performance on the field. True performance enhancement comes through education of all the facets of state of the art soccer science.

At Emory Soccer Medicine, we are here to bring our international and professional soccer expertise to our community and players that wish to commit to more. Elite soccer science has traditionally been unavailable to the youth/amateur player and our commitment is to making the evidence based principles readily available to everyone who loves the game of soccer and wants to improve.

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Most high level athletes understand nutrition is important to excel but lack the guidance and knowledge to actually make an impact on their performance with a soccer specific nutrition program.

Through our partners, the Emory Soccer Medicine Program has a unique avenue to help the soccer player understand the nutritional demands of the game, the training periods, and the recovery days that are essential for peak performance at all ages and levels.

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Injury Prevention Programs

Emory Soccer Medicine is committed to preventing injuries in soccer athletes. Our team of highly trained professionals offers several programs and educational conferences to support local teams and coaches.

Event Coverage Services

Our team of certified athletic trainers have provided soccer specific coverage of matches and tournaments from the U.S. National team to local club matches. For inquiries regarding team or tournament match coverage by our elite soccer team of certified athletic trainers, email Kim Winn at


Emory is conducting soccer-specific research that seeks to identify the injury patterns that keep soccer players off the field. With this information in hand, our team of highly trained professionals can offer specific programs and educational conferences to support local teams and coaches.

Did You Know

The Emory Soccer Medicine Program provides care for several U.S. Men’s, Women, and youth national soccer teams, as well as several collegiate soccer programs and soccer clubs, including Oglethorpe University Men and Women Soccer, Emory University Men and Women Soccer, Georgia Express Futbol Club, Chiefs Futbol Club, United Futbol Academy, Norcross Soccer Academy, and Emory University Club Soccer and 25 local high school soccer teams. Or Emory Soccer Medicine Program is the only multi-disciplinary program for treatment and services in the state. Every Emory Soccer Medicine physician and staff member is a certified FIFA diplomat that recognizes them as an international specialist in the field of soccer medicine.