Sports Medicine Treatments

Regenerative Medicine

Patients may benefit from a unique non-surgical procedure using the patient’s own growth factors that may help repair damaged tissue, reduce pain and promote healing for osteoarthritis (OA) pain as well as chronic tendonitis. During the procedure, the physician takes bone marrow cells from the back of a patient’s hip and following minimal on site processing of these cells, they are then injected into the patient’s joint or tendon. Since the cells are from the patient’s own body there is no risk of rejection.

A regenerative medicine technique can also be performed with a patient’s own fat taken from the stomach or side and injected into the joints to reduce painful symptoms of osteoarthritis.

The treatments offered are not research or a clinical trial.

Not all patients are candidates for regenerative medicine options.

Please see the list of frequently asked questions below to determine if you are a candidate.

Please review the Questions and Answers to learn more. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at 404-778-3350 and we will schedule an appointment with the appropriate provider.


The following Emory physicians offer this treatment:

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