Sports Medicine Wellness

Cartilage Repair Care Plan

Before the Surgery:

  • Our staff will call you with your surgery date and location.
  • On the night before surgery-- take a shower, have a late meal, and fast after midnight.
  • Arrive at least one hour before your surgery time.
  • Check with our staff before you take your regular medications.

After your Surgery:

  • Keep your foot elevated (above your heart) and your dressing clean.
  • Do not apply any weight on your operated leg, not even when using crutches or a walker.
  • You may be given a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine to use six to eight hours per day.
  • Take you medications as instructed.

First Office Visit:

  • Planned 14 days after your surgery.
  • We will change your dressings and remove skin sutures if needed.
  • Start daily joint motion but keep your weight off of the leg for six more weeks.
  • Ask for a refill on pain medications if needed.
  • Physical therapy begins.

Second Office Visit:

  • Planned 10-12 weeks after your surgery.
  • Your cartilage is still healing, so avoid high-impact activities.
  • We will examine your joint and give you further instructions.
  • You may feel some weakness in your operated leg. We will give you additional low-impact exercises to do for the next three months.

Final Office Visit:

  • Planned six months after your surgery.
  • We will examine you and advance your exercise program as needed.